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Fly Fishing Lessons

Fly Fishing Lessons

Regardless of your fishing experience or skills you are sure to benefit from Mark's expert advice and instruction. 

Mark Malenovsky can design a program for the complete novice who does not know a roll cast from a false cast right up to the experienced fly fisher who would like to improve his or her skills and learn new techniques.  

Fly fishing is one of the best ways to enjoy being in the great outdoors!  Don't Wait! Learn to fly fish and get out and enjoy what nature has to offer!

Our Fly Fishing classes thoroughly cover:

· Proper selection of gear and their uses ·
· Knot tying · Casting techniques ·
· Proper presentation of your fly · Reading the water ·
Understanding the fish
· Identifying aquatic insects ·
· Fly selection · Proper catch & release methods ·
· Fishing ethics · Stream etiquette ·

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two people fly fishing
two men fly fishing
two men fly fishing